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The following article is taken from Addendum TT of The Noble Protagonist’s 1,100 page E-book, “The Battle to preserve Western Civilization (European Folk Soul vs. Jewish Supremacy).  Most of this text was originally referenced & sourced by Noble from the (must-read) “March of the Titans: A history of the White Race” book by Arthur Kemp (2006),

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“Societies perish because they are degenerate… The people have no longer the same intrinsic value as it had before, because it has no longer the same blood in its veins, continual adulterations having gradually affected the quality of the blood.  By this time… the degenerate man, properly so called, is a different being, from the racial point of view, from the heroes of the great ages… He is only a very distant kinsman of those he still calls his ancestors.”  – Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau

(First) ATTILA THE HUN: 372-454 AD

The Huns were a Mongoloid-base group who originated from the Asiatic Steppes.  They were a wild aggressive group who lived by force of arms.  Although they shared some genetic commonality with the Chinese, they waged war on those people as well.

While the Indo-European Goths and the Romans were grappling with one another, the former Visigothic lands were being seized by the Huns. At this stage, the racial balance of Europe could have swung decisively in favor of the Asiatic Mongoloids. All of the original Indo-European ancestral homelands in the Black Sea basin had either been destroyed or occupied by the Huns.

In addition, the Huns also occupied large parts of western Russia and portions of Central & Eastern Europe. Parts of central Germany, Hungary and Romania were also occupied.

At the Battle of Nedao, in 454 AD, the greater Germanic tribes (Goths, Slavs, etc.) won one of the most significant battles in White history, defeating the Huns, destroying their power forever.

(Second) THE CRUSADES: 1095-1270

The rise of Islam from a tiny cult in Saudi Arabia to the status of a major world power is a factor which has dominated much of White history from around 800 AD right through to present-day. Indeed, many of the growing conflicts in the contemporary world can be ascribed to this militant & fierce religion.

Beginning in 1095, a total of 7 crusades by European Christian armies, called Crusaders, were launched as counterattacks on territories that Islam had previously seized. The Crusaders created a number of short-lived feudal states in the Middle East, the first European colonies outside of the European mainland.

Hopelessly outnumbered in a sea of non-White foes, the feudal states were quickly reduced in size to a few major fortifications. The last remaining major fort city, Acre, was overrun by Islamic armies in 1291.

“Now, we must hearken again to the voice of our ancestors and protect our essence from alien influences; protect that which wants to grow out of our own souls. Stronger than any army is the man who wields the power which resides within him.” -Wulf Sorensen (Heinrich Himmler)

(Third) The Moors invade Europe 711-1492

The invasion of Western Europe by a non-White Muslim army, after 711AD, nearly extinguished Europe. Certainly, the threat was no less serious than the Hunnish invasion, which had earlier created so much chaos.

The Moors, also known as the Saracens, were mixed-race; Arabic & Black with elements remnant of European stock which had been on the southern side of the Mediterranean since ancient times. The Moors conquered nearly all of Spain, and were only turned back from occupying all of Western Europe by a desperate White counterattack in France led by Charles Martel.

It was only with the rise of two great leaders, Queen Isabella I & King Ferdinand V, that the Moors were finally driven from Europe following the Granada War (1482-1492). After the expulsion of the Moors, and Jews who had aided them, Spain had entered into its Golden Age. It created a huge empire, along with Portugal, and became one of the most powerful nations in Europe.

The liberation of Spain saved Western Europe from Islamic domination.


Wars were waged for centuries over large parts of the present-day states of Russia, Turkey and southeastern Balkans. The combatants were various White tribes versus an assortment of Asiatic, Mongol and mixed-race Muslim invaders.

The Avars of Asiatic stock were halted by the Franks in one of the wars that followed the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

The Magyars were of Asiatic & Mongoloid stock. In the midst of their rise, a new power in Europe entered the fray. The Norsemen emerged from Denmark & southern Scandinavia. These Norsemen had established settlements along the Baltic Sea and had sent expeditions into central Russia, with fortified settlements at Novogrod & Kiev and smaller trading posts further south in Khazar territory. This tribe, mixing with other Indo-European peoples, would eventually become the “Rus”, which is where the name “Russia” originated from.

The Khazars were a mixed-race of Old European, Semitic (Arab) and Mongoloid elements. They also incorporated Jewish Semites, fleeing north from Palestine in 70 AD, into their gene pool. In 965, the Rus army crashed through Khazar territory and completely defeated the Khazars and their slave trading empire.

The Bulgars were Huns who were defeated by the Germanics in 454 and retreated to the area around the Sea of Azoz (Bulgaria). In 967 they were defeated by the Rus army, along the Danube River.

In Central Europe, the Magyars moved out from their base in Hungary, which they had earlier seized from the Bulgar Huns. They launched raiding parties, reaching as far as parts of Germany, France and Constantinople. In 955, the Magyar army invaded Augsburg, in Bavaria, Germany. Saxon king, Otto I counterattacked with a specially prepared army in the Battle of Lechfeld and annihilated the Magyars.

“Problems involving the future of the great races demand a solution. It is now imperative to prepare for distant events, to mold young generations with a different ideal. The governments of nations by men who estimate time in function of their own duration, leads, as we well know, to confusion and to failure. We have to stretch our temporal outlook beyond ourselves.” -Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize-awarded French biologist

(Fifth) GENGHIS KHAN & THE MONGOLS: 1220-1650

Genghis Khan played a relatively minor role in the invasion of Europe. His real contribution to the Mongol influence was that he was the one who finally united the Asiatic tribes and consolidated their power. They were only able to launch their invasion into Europe once they were unified.

Genghis Khan’s first raid into Europe began with Russia in 1221. The Mongol invasion of Europe was interrupted by Genghis’ unexpected death in 1227. In 1237, his grandson, Batu, assumed leadership if Genghis’s army and resumed the westward invasion.

In 1240, the Mongols smashed the Russian city of Kiev, then pushed into Poland, Bohemia and Hungary. Other Mongol armies reached deep in to the Balkans, Northern Russia, Poland and Central Germany.

In 1242, after a series of key victories for the Mongols, they penetrated the suburbs of Vienna, Austria. It seemed as if all of Central Europe would fall. At that critical point, the non-White invasion ceased of its own accord. A messenger arrived from their homeland in Mongolia. He announced that Ghenghis’s Khan’s successor, Ogedei, had died and there would once again be a tribal council to determine his successor.

Even though the Mongols withdrew from Central Europe, all of Southern Russia was under their occupation, where Batu created the “Khanate of the Golden Horde”. In 1330, the Grand Duke Dimitry of Moscow led an army against the Mongols, who were weakened due to a series of fratricidal wars. The Russians won, inflicting the first major defeat on the Mongols since their invasion started. However, a new Mongol warlord, Tamerlane, counterattacked and re-conquered much of the original Mongol Empire of Russia, in 1395.

Russian re-conquest of Southern Russia began in the mid-16th Century. Bands of Russian peasants, known as Cossacks, developed a fearsome reputation as warriors and engaged the Mongols in combat, which forced them to retreat bit by bit. By the mid-17th Century the majority of Mongols had been cleared from Central & Southern Russia.

The last of the Mongol states vanished a century later.

(Sixth) THE OTTOMANS: 1300-1919

The invasion of Europe by the Ottoman Turks was without a doubt the most single prolonged attack on Europe by any non-White nation in history. This attack was sustained by a group of racially-mixed Muslims, driven by fanaticism molded in their religious worldview. They occupied vast stretches of Central & southern Europe, and were twice turned back at the gates of Vienna in their attempts to seize all of Europe.

The city of Constantinople fell to the Ottomans in 1453, which officially ended the Eastern Roman Empire. The city became the new Muslim capital. Spurred on by this great victory, the Muslim Ottomans proceeded to seize all of Greece, Albania and Bosnia.

In 1529, the Ottomans marched to the gates of Vienna, but failed to break the city’s defenses. They tried again in 1683. The renewed offensive was seen as a critical battle that would determine whether or not all of Europe would fall to the Ottomans. As a result, a rare display of European unity took place. A multi-national army was assembled to defend the Austrian city, composed of troops from Austria, Germany and the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.

The 180,000 invading Muslim Ottoman army met the opposing European army, which eventually, after reinforcements came in, totaled some 84,450.  Towards the end of the battle, the 20,000 strong European “Holy League” cavalry attacked the Ottomans, make history as one of the largest cavalry charges ever. The Vienna garrison then stormed out of the city, and attacked the Muslims, forcing them to fight from both sides. After 3 hours of fighting, the Ottomans fled in complete disarray.

After many battles & conflicts, by the end of the 19th Century, the Ottoman Empire was in permanent decline. They seized an offer extended by Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire to form an alliance against the French & British. World War 1 would turn out to be the death of the Ottoman Empire.


The settlement of North America by the White European settlers & pioneers was achieved at the expense of the non-White Native people already living on the continent, the Amerindians, commonly referred to as “Native Americans” or “American Indians”.

The Amerindian culture fell because the population makeup of continental North America changed, not because of any military defeat, although there were many bloody wars & conflict between opposing sides. The Amerindians lost demographic control of their territory, mostly through disease and uncontrolled European immigration into the territory. The story of their dispossession contains a lesson which present-day America ignores at its own peril.

(Eighth) THE MEXICANS: 1827-1848

The Amerindians were not the only racial threat that early White Americans had to face. To the South lay a large, mixed-race population, antagonistic to their White neighbors in the North, made up of a mix between the Spanish, the Amerindians and Black slaves who had formed the majority population of Mexico.

During the 19th Century, both America & Mexico were interested in expanding their territorial claims over what was then still “unclaimed” parts of the continental United States.  It was inevitable that these competing aims would lead to a clash.

The Mexican-American War was an armed conflict between the United States and the United Mexican States (Mexico) from 1846 to 1848. It followed in the wake of the 1845 American annexation of the independent Republic of Texas.

The 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe forced onto the remnant Mexican government, ended the war and enforced the Mexican Cession of the northern territories of Alta California & Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico to the United States. The U.S. agreed to pay $15 million compensation for the physical damage of the war and assumed $3.25 million of debt already owed earlier by the Mexican government to U.S. citizens. Mexico acknowledged the loss of what became the State of Texas, and accepted the Rio Grande as its northern border with the U.S.

“I don’t see much future for the Americans. In my view, it’s a decayed country. And the have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities. Those were what caused the downfall of Rome, and yet Rome was a solid edifice that stood for something. Moreover, the Romans were inspired by great ideas.” -Hitler


Presently, Whites in the United States are facing a “demographic war” with people of Mexican & Hispanic descent, both legal & illegal, and other non-Whites, similar to the “demographic war” that the Amerindians faced with the Europeans.

The dominant liberal ideology, due to the meddling of International Jewry, has allowed immigration policies & border protections to falter, especially since the passing of the 1965 Immigration & Nationality (Hart-Celler) Act, which greatly limited Western Europe immigration in favor of Third-World immigration.

Whites in Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also facing a “demographic war” with uncontrolled mass Third-World immigration, as Internationally Jewry is implementing its Kalergi Plan to destroy the indigenous White peoples of Europe and their descendants who have emigrated abroad.

White South Africans are also in a “demographic war” after foolishly turning over their country to the former Communist terrorists of the ANC, which had the backing & blessings of International Jewry.

Unless mass immigration is halted & reversed, Whites in North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand will cease being a majority before the year 2050. The exponential & explosive growth of the earth’s non-White population, which doubles itself every 30 years, means that by the year 2100, only 3% of the earth’s population will be White, a dramatic drop from 1900, when Whites made up 30% of the globe’s population.

Note: The world population doubles every 30 years.

History has shown, time & time again, that when the “founding” population of any society changes or loses its dominant majority position, then the culture & nature of that society changes accordingly.

In other words, it is a historical truth that those who form the majority of the population, in any territory, will ultimately end up determining the nature of that society. This is an iron law of demographics! No matter how technologically proficient, no matter how militarily capable, no matter how determined, no racial group in the minority can indefinitely resist the power of demographics.

Homogeneity is the key to survival! 

“We must learn from Athens & Sparta. America’s bond with Europe is a bond of Race, and not political ideology.  If the White race were ever seriously threatened, it may then be time for us to take our part in its protection, to fight side by side with the English, the French and Germans, but not with one against the other for our mutual destruction.” -Charles Lindbergh, America patriot & aviator

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