The Eternal Return

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The following article is taken from the “Eternal Return” Chapter of The Noble Protagonist’s 1,100 page E-book, “The Battle to preserve Western Civilization (European Folk Soul vs. Jewish Supremacy).  This text was originally derived from Savitri Devi’s book, “The Lightning and the Sun”.

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“Brothers will fight and kill each other; sisters’ children will defile kinship. It is harsh in the world; whoredom rife; an axe age, a sword age. Shields are riven (split apart); a wind age, a Wolf Age; before the world goes headlong (in a rush, with reckless haste). No man will have mercy on another.” -Voluspa, Norse Poetic Edda

Back in time, the Ancients, as a whole, distinguished themselves in many material achievements. They could boast of the irrigation system in Sumeria; of the construction of pyramids revealing an amazing knowledge of astronomical data; of the bathrooms & drains in the palace of Knossos; of the invention of the war chariot; of the bow & arrow, of the sand-clock, of the sun-dial, etc. Yet, although they fully recognized the value of their own work in the practical field, and perhaps acquired the certitude of indefinite technical progress, they never believed in progress as a whole; in progress on all lines.

From all evidence, they faithfully clung to the traditional idea of cyclic evolution and had, in addition to that, the good sense to admit that they lived, in spite of all their achievements, in anything but the beginning of the long-drawn, downward process constituting their own particular “cycle”.

Whether Hindus or Greeks, Egyptians or Japanese, Chinese, Sumerians, or ancient Americans, or even Romans, the most “modern” amongst people of Antiquity, they all placed the “Golden Age,” the “Age of Truth,” as the glorious “beginning” of the slow, downward unfurling of history, whatever name it be given, far behind them in the past. And they believed that the return of a similar Age, foretold in their respective sacred texts & oral traditions, depends, not upon man’s conscious effort, but upon iron laws, inherent to the very nature of visible & tangible manifestation, and all-pervading; upon cosmic laws.

They believed that man’s conscious effort is but an expression of those laws at work, leading the world, willingly or unwillingly, wherever its destiny lies. The history of man is but a detail in cosmic history without beginning, nor end; a periodical outcome of the inner necessity that binds all phenomena in Time.

Nothing can be done to stop this cyclic turning of Time.

The wise one, those few who have tapped into the wisdom of the Ancients, know how little there is to be lost in the coming crash (transmutation) of our present cycle, and look forward to it with joyous expectation as to the necessary condition of a new beginning, a new “Golden Age”, an “Age of Truth”.

Human history, far from being a steady ascension towards the better, is in actuality, an increasingly hopeless process of bastardization, emasculation and demoralization of mankind; an inexorable “fall.” It rouses in us the yearning to see the end, the final crash (transmutation) that will push into oblivion the products of decay that our downward fall has manifested.

The Ancients believed that the end of each cycle brought forth a “destroyer of evil”, which appears at the dawn of a new Cycle opening.  The Aryans of India referred to this destroyer as “Kalki”, and the Norse Germanic Pagans refer to this dawn of a new Cycle as “Ragnarok”. 

Most traditional teachings of indigenous tribes around the world have a similar concept of Time as cycles, which are beliefs held by their tribal elders, prophecy keepers and medicine people (shamans).

Never mind how bloody the final crash (transmutation) may be, if it comes to bloodshed.  Never mind what old treasures may perish.  The sooner it comes, the better! We, those in the know, are waiting for it, and for the following glory. We are confident in the divinely established cyclic Law that governs all manifestations of existence in Time, the law of “Eternal Return”. There is nothing to fear!

There are no cruelties in ancient history, which the inventiveness of our modern contemporaries of the East & West, has not outdone.  Cruelty, the violence of cowards, is merely one expression of violence among many, though admittedly the most repulsive one.  Aided & encouraged by more and more staggering scientific achievements, which can be put to use for any purpose, man has throughout history become more and more violent.

It cannot be otherwise, until the complete destruction (transmutation) of our present cycle. Until then, violence, under one form or another, is unavoidable. It is the very law of Life in a fallen world. It is a Natural Law!

“Death & destruction are necessary to the health of the world, and therefore as natural, and lovable, as birth & life. Only priests and born cowards moan and weep over dying. Brave men face it with approving nonchalance.” -Ragnar Redbeard

Violence cannot be judged apart from its purpose. And the purpose is good or bad; worth its while, or not.

This being the case, for honorable people fighting the good fight in defense of their homeland & ethnic folkways, the use of violence, when that moment arrives, must be selfless & ruthless. It must be put to the service of truth, without cruelty, applied in view of bringing about an order on Earth based on “timeless” everlasting principles, that transcend man; violence in view of creating, or maintaining, a human state in harmony with life’s highest spiritual purpose.

As time goes on, and as decay sets in, the keynote of human history is not less & less violence; it is less & less honesty about violence.  This is the case with International Jewry, who hides its murderous crimes under the guise of “Democracy”, “Communism”, “Liberalism”, “Universalism”, “Communitarianism”, etc.

Only an “Age of Truth,” in which all is as it should be, a world in which the social & political order on earth is a perfect replica of the eternal Order of Life, can there be non-violence.

In the eloquent legends of all old nations, an ideal society at the dawn of Time is said to have been naturally so. There was, then, nothing to be changed; nothing for which to shed one’s own or other people’s blood; nothing to do but to enjoy in peace the beauty & riches of the sunlit earth, and to praise the wise gods; the “devas” or “shining Ones”, as the Ancient Aryans called them.

“In the Norse myth, the god of light & beauty, Balder, is slain and dwells in the underworld, Hel, to be reborn after Ragnarok and to herald a new green earth.” -Aki Cederberg (Journeys in the Kali Yuga)

In an “Age of Truth”, a “Golden Age”, every man & woman, every race, every species was in its place, and the whole divine hierarchy of Creation was a work of art to which, and from which, there was nothing either to add or to take away. Violence was unthinkable.

Violence became a necessity from the moment the socio-political order in this world ceased to be the undistorted reflection of the eternal cosmic Order.  When the natural balance was tipped and the harmonious, divinely-ordained hierarchy of peoples, animal species and vegetable varieties were disrupted. This led to a path of disintegration. From that moment onwards, violence became the law of the world, for good and for evil.

Henceforth, the only way to avoid resorting to it was, to turn one’s back to life on this material plane and live “Above-Time” in a wakeful meditative state of cosmic-bliss that only a few select yogis, trained ascetics and shamanic practitioners have mastered. There are also those few who have no training, and have naturally acquired the ability to be “at peace” in the world (Above-Time), while living among it as ordinary people.

For those who live Above-Time, some act as “saviors”, while others just leave things & people as they are; knowing that in the course of centuries, all souls that care to be saved will eventually evolve towards the timeless life of the saints.

The salvation which men “above Time” offer the world is always that which consists in breaking the time-bondage.  It is the salvation of the individual soul, never that of organized society.

As the “Era of Gloom” in which we are living proceeds darker & darker, fiercer & fiercer, year after year, it becomes more & more impossible to avoid using violence in the service of truth.  Today, no man or demi-god can bring real order & justice in any area of the globe, without the help of force.

Unfortunately, the further this world advances into the present age of technical wonders & human abasement, the more the “great men” of inspiration, leaders of nations, who seek eternal truth are submitted to the factor of Time.  They just have to act, not only thoroughly, but also quickly, if they do not want to see the forces of disintegration nip their priceless work in the bud.  And, whether they like it or not, they will need to wield un-hesitating violence.

“One can say, with more & more certainty as the “Dark Age” goes on, that the god-like men of action are defeated, at least for the time being, not for having been too ruthless, but for not having been ruthless enough.” -Savitri Devi

From all this it is quite clear that, to condemn violence indiscriminately is to condemn the very struggle of the Forces of Life & Light against the Forces of disintegration.  It is to condemn that struggle which, at every one of its age-long varying phases, ups & downs, has been securing for the world, beyond its deserved doom, the glorious new Beginning; the Eternal Return!

Within the bondage of Time, especially within this current cycle of time, which some refer to as the “Kali Yuga”, one cannot be consistently non-violent without contributing, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, to the success of the forces of disintegration; of what we call the death-forces, which is what International Jewry represents to the world today.

As for that violence which is used to forward the war-aims of the death-forces (International Jewry), it has always been directed against Life itself; against the whole of innocent living Nature, and against the interests of higher mankind.  These death-forces also go against those particular men (leaders) who are conscious of the tragic realities of a darkening age; those who put up a stand in favor of the recognition of Life’s eternal values, and of the restoration of Order upon its true “eternal” basis.

The world evolves naturally towards disintegration, with accelerated speed. It rolls on to its own doom, (In-Time) without help.  In that direction, therefore, the champions of disintegration, which today represents International Jewry, enjoy an easy task.  They only have to follow & flatter the vicious tendencies of the increasingly despicable majority of men, to become the world’s darlings, the “Chosen People”.

Their hatred grows, as history unfolds, as though they knew, as though they felt, with the sharpness of physical perception, that every one of their victories, however spectacular it be, such as World War 2, brings them nearer the final redeeming crash in which they are bound to perish, and out of which, their now persecuted superiors are bound to emerge as the leaders of the New (Golden) Age, the supermen at the beginning of the next Time-cycle, more like gods than ever.

They, International Jewry, are in a hurry, out of feverish lust, to snatch from the world for themselves all the material advantages, and all the satisfactions of vanity they possibly can, before it is too late. And as time goes on, their hurry amounts to frenzy.  The one obstacle that stands in their way, and still defies them, the European Folk Soul, will always defy them, till the end.  This Folk Soul of Aryan blood is precisely the spiritual element that disaster cannot discourage, torture cannot break and money cannot buy.

The Ancients knew better than our contemporaries, who were their friends and who were their enemies.  And this is natural.  In a world rushing to its doom, there is bound to be increasing ignorance of precisely of those things which one should know the best in order to survive.

The Ancients suffered, and knew whom to curse.  Modern men & women, as a rule, do not know; do not really care to know; are too lazy, too exhausted, too near the end of their world to take the trouble to enquire seriously.  And clever rascals themselves, the authors of all the mischief, International Jewry, incite them to throw the blame of it upon the only people whose unfailing wisdom, and selfless love, could have saved them, National Socialist Germany, had they but wanted to be saved.  It was National Socialist Germany that stood against the current of Time (Against-Time) with the vision of the glorious new Beginning beyond the doom of the present-day world, clear and bright before its eyes.

Hypocrisy concerning violence has reached its pitch.  Never has there been, in the world, so much cruelty, allied to such a general attempt to hide it, to deny it, to forget it, and if possible, make others forget it, thanks to the propaganda (fake news) of the Jewish-controlled media.

The only time modern men & women do not try to minimize horrors, but actually exaggerate them, and often deliberately invent them, is when these happen to be their enemy’s “horrors”, such as WW2 German atrocity propaganda (Holohoax), but never their own.

What has set the whole world so bitterly against the frank upholders of ruthless methods both in government & war, is not so much that these were violent, but that they were frank.  Liars hate those who speak the unpleasant truth, and who act in accordance with it.

The unpleasant truth is that “pacifism” & “non-violence” are just rackets in the service of the forces of disintegration; dishonest tricks to bluff the fools, to emasculate the strong, and to set millions of cowards & hypocrites, the bulk of the world, against the few people (leaders) whose inspired policy, pursued ruthlessly to its logical end, could perhaps, even now, arrest the decay of man.

The best course for those who sincerely desire a just & lasting peace would naturally be to do all they can to give over the world to those men (leaders) of vision, as soon as possible; at least, not to try to prevent them from conquering it.

One cannot have it both ways.  Unless one is Above-Time, one either walks In-Time on the unavoidable evolutionary path of history, towards decay & dissolution, or one stands Against-Time, against the current of centuries, in a bitter, apparently hopeless, but nevertheless beautiful struggle, in which one’s eyes is fixed upon those lasting ideals which can only be fully translated into material reality once, at the dawn of every successive Cycle, by every successive new humanity.

It is true that the bold minority of men (leaders) of action, like Adolf Hitler, who fight, “against Time,” for Golden Age ideals, are bound to become, as time goes on, more and more ruthless in their effort to overcome an increasingly well-organized, increasingly elusive, and increasingly universal opposition, which today represents International Jewry. The forces of death must have practically the whole world under their grip, before a new Beginning can start as a re-assertion of Life’s triumph.   

The leadership of surviving mankind falls to that victorious elite (leaders) who, even in the midst of the long, general decay of man, never lost its faith in the everlasting cosmic values, nor its will to draw from them, and from them alone, its rule of action.  That elite will no longer be compelled to resort to violence in order to impose its will.   It will rule without opposition in a peaceful world in which the new Order of its age-old dreams will appear to all as the only natural & rational state of affairs.  Until man again forgets unchangeable Truth, acts as though the iron Laws of cause & consequence did not concern him.  Nothing can stop the wheel of Time.

No man Above-Time can enjoy any real influence upon human society unless he has disciples, or unless he is himself prepared to become, also, a man “Against-Time.” For it is a fact that one can be both “above Time,” in one’s personal outlook; and “against Time” in one’s activity in the world.

All the really great creative men “against Time” possess these two aspects, they are men of vision aware of timeless truths; but they are, also, men who have been stirred to the depth by the glaring contrast between the ideal world, built according to those truths, and the actual world in which they live; men who, after what they have seen & experienced, can neither remain any longer cut off from time, in their own inner paradise, nor act in life as though all were well, but who must devote their whole life & energy to the reshaping of tangible reality on the model of their vision of Truth.  One such man, whose unparalleled greatness is yet unrecognized, because his followers lost a war instead of winning it, is the tragic & beautiful figure that dominates the history of the West in our own times; Adolf Hitler. 

“If I win the war, I will have given a mortal blow to the Jew. If I lose the war, their triumph will only be for a brief time.” -Hitler

Men “Against-Time”, such as Hitler, can be defeated by the agents of the dark forces, broken in their might by the down-ward rush of history, which they are unable to stem.  And such a fate awaits, always, until the very end of any Time-cycle, those who are too magnanimous, too trusting, too good; those who put too much confidence both in foreigners and in their own people; those who do not “purge” their following often enough and thoroughly enough; who love their people too much to suspect ingratitude or actual treachery where it lies; who are not merciless enough, and sometimes spare their fleeing enemies; in one word, those who, like Adolf Hitler, have, in their psychological make-up, too much “sun” (Above-Time) and not enough “lightning” (In-Time).

“When justice is crushed, when evil rules supreme, then I come. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born in age after age.” -Bhagavad-Gita 4.7-8

Those who have renounced the bondage of Time and, purposely, either do not act (Above-Time), or else act in the selfless & ruthless spirit of the warrior going Against-Time, get the glorious result of their life’s thought & work at the beginning of the following Time-cycle.  And it may well be that the efforts of the men Against-Time, apparently wasted upon an uncomprehending & ungrateful world, actually do add to the beauty of every new Beginning, and that they even “hasten its advent”.  For nothing is ever lost!  This is “winning by losing”.

“Perhaps, the old gods are not gone after all, although their statues are few, and their names seldom spoken.  Perhaps, they will yet again reveal themselves to us in our time of need, in new forms.” -Aki Cederberg (Journeys in the Kali Yuga)

Men “Against-Time” are actively, consciously and willingly, both creative & destructive, the divine Principle behind all change, like Lord Shiva himself (Bhagavad-Gita); the Destroyer, who again & again creates; and the Preserver, like Vishnu (Bhagavad-Gita), who, once at least in every Time-cycle, comes as Kalki, to destroy completely.

Destruction & Creation are inseparable. Even the most destructive men “In-Time” are creative in their way.  Men “Above-Time” are also destructive in their way, indirectly.  Men “Against-Time” are actively, consciously and willingly both creative & destructive.  Once, at least in every Time-cycle, they come as Kalki (Bhagavad-Gita), to destroy completely (transmute), and usher in a new Golden Age, an Age of Truth.  The Eternal Return!

Author’s Note: Ages, or cycles, have been known as the “Wheel of Karma”.  All experiences, or quests, we go through, from lifetime to lifetime, are being guided by a hidden template of spiritual evolution, known as the “Hero’s Journey”.  This template, our operating system, is written into every movie & TV show in existence.  It resonates at the very core of our existence, being that it is imprinted (hard-wired) into our DNA at birth.  Myths from all over the world, from different time periods, reflect the Hero’s Journey, which are cyclical, evolutionary and result in some sort of an initiation process and “Endless Return”.  Our task at this time, is to “face our fears” and complete the Hero’s Journey with honor, nobility and sacrifice.

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    In “The Case for Colonialism” (2017), Bruce Gilley calls for a return to colonialism. He asserts that colonialism brought great benefits to Third World states, that these gains were squandered due to a premature granting of independence to the former colonies, and that only a re-colonization by Western states can develop lost capacities. Many scholars are outraged by Gilley’s publication. Some have called for its retraction while others demand that we ignore it altogether. I think we make a mistake in underestimating this event.

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