The Battle to Preserve Western Civilization

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European Folk Soul vs. Jewish Supremacism (FREE E-BOOK)

-told from a National Socialist & Norse Germanic Pagan perspective
-addressed to the Court of World Opinion

“Western Civilization stands on the foundation of truth; whereas, our historical opponent, International Jewry, floats over lies, hearsay and Conspiracy Theories as absurd as the Holocaust (Holohoax).” -Noble Protagonist

The following is the “Opening Statement” addressed to the (fictitious) Court of World Opinion. The Noble Protagonist is presenting the case, “In order to prevent the fall of Western Civilization, the constructive European Folk Soul must overcome the foreign destructive nature of Jewish Supremacy, aka International Jewry.” In this 1,100 page E-Book, The Noble Protagonist presents the facts that substantiate his claim to the Court of World Opinion.

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Greetings… Court of World Opinion,

Here we meet outside of the corrupt United Nations and The International Court of Justice, which are both props for the global ruling elite. This is our court, the Court of World Opinion.

In the spirit of truth and the pursuit of reconciliation, with the highest aim of unity & peace between all the races of mankind, you will hear from the perspective of a National Socialist & Norse Germanic Pagan of “Nordic” European ancestry with ancient Indo-European (Aryan) lineage, born in the United States. This address is primarily directed towards the White race in an attempt to advocate on behalf of our own self-interest.

Although this is a Court of World Opinion, this court is an open space for all the races & tribes to advocate in their “own” self-interest. Once aired, hopefully, we all can achieve a greater understanding of our unique genetic & cultural differences and our similarities, which can bridge the racial divide and lead to resolutions that put an end to unnecessary violence & civil strife.

Don’t shoot the messenger! What is about to be shared in this “Opening Statement” might shock you and Pandora’s Box will be opened; however, the blunt & brutally honest language used will be thoroughly justified during the course of this dissertation. This is tough love! What might sound offensive to some, will in due time reveal itself as “constructive criticism” for the purpose of offering solutions to the Gordian Knot that our world has fallen into during these turbulent times.

The case presented…

In order to prevent the fall of Western Civilization… the constructive European Folk Soul must overcome the foreign destructive nature of Jewish Supremacy, aka International Jewry.

For a very long time, the great majority of people on our planet have lost their tribal knowledge of history & spiritual folk traditions. Yet, their genetic ancestral memories & “Original Instructions” remain intact, stored in the depths of their collective unconsciousness. Some refer to this as “Blood Memory”.

Today, the ethnic consciousness of White people around the world is relatively low. This is primarily the result of the parasitic influence that International Jewry has had on its host White countries, which aims to destroy “Whiteness”, White identity & social cohesiveness.

In addition to this attack on “Whiteness”, our ancestors in Europe were subject to centuries of brutal Christian despotic lordship that has separated them from nature and their traditional indigenous folkways. We once stood tall. Now we find ourselves on our knees.

“The virtue of Paganism was strength; the virtue of Christianity is obedience.” -Augustus Hare

However, despite many who are asleep, there is a “European Folk Soul” awakening taking place. Our ancestral spirit, our Blood Memory, is alive & well, despite an organized criminal effort by International Jewry to extinguish it.

The European Folk Soul is the driving force behind White people’s resistance to Jewish Supremacy.

There are Whites today who draw their strength, and connect to their ancestors, through the religion of Christianity. As long their convictions do not interfere with the European Folk Soul awakening and its resistance to International Jewry, then their beliefs should be able to co-exist with pre-Christian spiritual traditions under the banner of religious tolerance & racial unity.

Resistance to Jewish Supremacy is necessary! Our beloved White heritage has been dragged through the mud and unjustly debased & defiled by the Cultural Marxist propaganda of International Jewry. In addition to attacks from our historic enemies, there has been sabotage (controlled opposition) within our own ranks of so-called “advocates” for the White race. Despite these distortions, the fact remains that our White European forbearers have gifted the planet “Western Civilization” and its fruits; Reason, Individual Rights, Science and Technology.

In fact, it’s the White “genetic” stock that is responsible for almost every technological breakthrough in use in the world today, which the majority of non-White people of the planet are inadvertently using to their benefit. That is all right with us a long as this technology is not used against our race. As a world minority, White lives do matter!

“Whether we look at wealth, security, technological advancement, freedom, openness and democracy, all the countries based upon Western civilization come out on top.” -Anonymous blog commenter

At present, during these dark days of “political correctness”, it has become problematic, and in some cases illegal, for Whites to speak openly about our spirituality, ancient history, cultural achievements and political interests. Despite the challenges, for our children’s future well-being, we must speak out at this time and fully express ourselves, from deep within our European Folk Soul.

Today, in this Court of World Opinion, the record will be set straight and our voices will be heard. Our White European legacy of Western Civilization will be put in its rightful place, in its historical context, as an overall “constructive” attempt to evolve mankind away from pain and into pleasure; to lighten the burden of survival, to explore and create. In this way, we honor the gods & goddesses of our European Folk Soul archetype who have bravely fought similar battles on higher planes of existence.

This legacy of Western Civilization must be preserved and expanded upon, for the great benefit of all mankind. White people of European descent, due to the unique & specific conditions of their environmental, genetic, historical and cultural makeup, aka their “Faustian Spirit”, have built Western Civilization. It is a reflection of their nature & racial group identity.

It is a historical truth that those who form the majority of the population, in any territory, will ultimately end up determining the nature of that society. This is an iron law of demographics! No matter how technologically proficient, no matter how militarily capable, no matter how determined, no racial group in the minority can indefinitely resist the power of demographics. Homogeneity is the key to survival!

Thus, the White race must preserve its homogeneity, expel International Jewry, end usury, secure its borders, stop the employment of cheap foreign labor, return to nature and restore European indigenous folkways. Demographics is destiny!

The forced integration of non-White populations into established White territories, coordinated by International Jewry (Kalergi Plan), will most certainly destroy Western Civilization. This demographic displacement of White people is White Genocide. This is an intentional act of war!

Destruction of the West, by International Jewry, is well underway….

The “Demoralization” of White societies has been in full swing since the late-1960’s Counter-Revolution, a product of Cultural Marxism, which stirred up a cocktail of hippies, anti-war demonstrations and mind-altering LSD. The cornerstones of Western society, such as its White ethnic solidarity, religion, morals & family values, have all been undermined. Western culture is no longer inspiring; instead it is decadent, lackluster and self-deprecating (White Guilt) as it apologizes for its former aggressions & conquests.

The “Destabilization” process of turning homogeneous majority-White Western societies into fractured havens of multiculturalism & diversity has succeeded, through unfettered Third-World immigration.

The stage of “Crisis” is now upon us. Ethnic conflict is near! Crisis will bring changes to governmental powers, social structures and economies. The final “Normalization” stage will last indefinitely. It will become “normal” to see tanks & soldiers patrolling the streets for our “safety”, as the pillars of Western Civilization collapse, and more Third World populations flood past Western borders, feeding upon the scraps of our fallen state.

“Every second the disaster is coming closer. You will have nowhere to defect to. This (U.S.) is the last country of freedom & possibility.” -Yuri Bezmenov (Ex-Russian KGB agent)

In order to survive as a White race and preserve Western Civilization, we must re-establish national sovereignty on a majority-White racially homogeneous basis. We must celebrate our cultural milestones; our myths, tales, heroes, songs and dances. We must also pay respects to our ancestors and honor our traditional family values. A Cultural Revival is necessary!

The Western tradition of individualism & altruism must not be compromised. At the same time, we must rally around our collective White interests and not fall victim to further acts of self-destructive “pathological” altruism.

In order to restore balance on Mother Earth, in accordance with the Laws of Nature, we must bring back our ancient nature-based pre-Christian spirituality, or at the very least, if you are Christian, deeply connect with her omnipresence on a spiritual level. Our failure to do so will result in our inevitable decay. We belong to one inter-connected ecosystem.

Mankind is at the cusp of a great transition. The age of the Kali-Yuga, period of darkness, is coming to a close and a shift of consciousness is near, ushering in a predicted new Golden Age. Our multi-racial planet has an opportunity to potentially survive this shift, and thrive in its aftermath, if our racial instincts for self-preservation are activated, and we quickly act in a “constructive” manner to diplomatically settle our differences.

To move forward, our multi-racial planet must heal the past. Great historic injustices have occurred over time. To endure the coming “Earth Changes” and “Great Purification”, which we have all prophesied, we must purify our hearts of all traumas, collectively experienced, or else nature will do it for us, at the expense of our human family.

Truth is also purifying! Today, for the safety & protection of everyone, and in the public’s interest, and up for debate & discussion, the “politically incorrect” topic of Jewish Supremacism is going to be addressed in great detail, in this Court of World Opinion. Take heed!

Jewish Supremacy and its extremist belief in dominating, controlling and subjugating the entire planet of non-Jews (Gentiles), is the source of great division & conflict in our world. This subject matter of Jewish Supremacy is the “elephant in the room”, which few openly speak about. And if spoken, there are consequences, even jail time or prison.

International crimes against humanity and “White Genocide” have been committed by International Jewry. The testimony heard today will to uncover the criminality of Jewish Supremacists. This is a matter of “National Security” for America, Europe and all governments caught up in the world Central Banking system, headed by the Jewish (Talmudic) New World Order.

Most importantly, the “big lie” of the “Holocaust”, which is repeatedly promoted by the Jewish-controlled media, will be exposed as a gigantic fraud (#Holohoax) and criminal extortion racket.

The fraudulent World War 2 “Holocaust” narrative was a cover-up for the White Christian genocide of 20 million Russian & Ukrainian peasants & intelligentsia by International Jewry and their leading Jewish Bolshevik leaders in the aftermath of the 1917 October Revolution. This is criminality on an epic scale!

Today’s testimony will also bring to light the hidden & horrific actual Holocaust of “Nazi” Germany by International Jewry and their proxy Allied Powers, as dramatically seen in the “Hellstorm” documentary. Truth cannot be silenced!

This WW2 “disclosure” will also reveal the German (non-usury) “economic miracle” of the 3rd Reich, created by Germany’s National Socialist government (NSDAP) in the 1930s. Their economic blueprint, a managed-balance between collectivism & individualism, if duplicated by other racially-homogeneous nations seeking national sovereignty, will rid the planet from Jewish debt-slavery.

The historical & legitimate animosity that racially-conscious Whites have towards International Jewry, is not “hatred” towards Jews as individual human beings, it is “opposition” to the “collective actions” that Jews have historically taken, which have greatly undermined Western Civilization.

The “evolutionary group strategy”, and perhaps genetic trait, of the Jewish race has manifested in the belief that they are God’s “Chosen People” and have a right to rule over non-Jews (Gentiles), per the Torah (Books of Moses) & Talmud. Thus, International Jewry seeks to dominate every other racial group, who in their minds are “racially inferior”, simply because they are of non-Jewish racial origin.

Whites have to be extremely cautious of Jewish people, as a racial-group. At times Jews will pretend to be “White” (The Great Jewish Mask) when it suits their racial agenda. They will side with Whites, and pretend to be “White”, against non-Whites on occasions, or side against Whites; even work “both” sides to their psychological & monetary advantage.

International Jewry will also use the term, “anti-Semitism”, to gain sympathy from Whites, and at other times, or simultaneously, foster “anti-Semitism” to get Gentiles & Muslims, angry at “the Jews” in order to advance their Zionist “Greater Israel” (Oden Yinon) agenda.

Individual Jews, unfortunately, need to be looked upon with suspicion. Perhaps, in the distant future, this won’t be necessary if the “evolutionary group strategy” of Jews changes its course, and rights the wrongs that their “Chosen” ideology has committed. Some courageous Jews have already initiated this process and that is honorable.

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” -An Old Proverb

International Jewry accurately describes the Jews as a “collective”. They don’t really need a homeland (Israel) to exist. They are quite comfortable leeching off of their host countries in the Jewish Diaspora. “The Jews” is even a better name, since it calls them out directly and alerts Gentiles of their presence. However, being that this is the Court of World Opinion, “Internationally Jewry” will be the “politically correct” name applied for most of our discourse.

The word “racist” was cleverly invented & weaponized by Jewish Supremacists to “shame” our natural White “tribalist” survival instincts, which are needed for self-preservation. It is not “racist” for Whites, or anyone else, to want to live in a homogeneous society. Human species are naturally divided into different races & sub-races. Be a racialist! Have no shame!

We are tribal! Even though we live in the current times, in modernity, we biologically & instinctively act as if we still live in isolated, small tribes. This is especially self-evident when examining the mating behaviors (dating games) of men & women in the Western world. Our advanced technological innovations in the West have evolved much faster than our “tribal” brains.

Most likely, our “tribal” behaviors are set in stone; Nature’s way of keeping the races pure, separate and distinct.

For our own tribe’s survival, any future self-determining (homogeneous) ethno-state, nation, country, settlement, territory, city, county or private estate, must keep Judaic influence completely out banking, academia, entertainment, health care, military, police, justice system, etc. And if at all possible, total separation from Jews would be the safest option.

International Jewry and their militant & “progressive” proxy allies, like Antifa, Black Live Matter and La Raza, are quick to label anyone who advocates for White interests, a “White Supremacist”. While it is true that much of the White controlled opposition, like the “leaders” of the Alt-Right, followers of Alexander Dugin and “White Power” groups who are directed by the FBI & ADL, may fall into that stereotype, real “White Supremacy” has never existed in the past.

For the most part, Whites have been non-ethnocentric. They have experienced a prolonged period of natural selection in an adverse cold European environment where extended kinship relationships had relatively little utility.  This created a culture for compassionate marriage, individual rights against the state, representative government, moral universalism and science.  The result was an extraordinary period of creativity, conquest and wealth creation that continues into the present.

Whites have come together on a few occasions to fight repeated non-White Asiatic, Mongol and Muslim invasions into Europe, to join the Crusades and to stop the march of (Jewish) Soviet Bolshevism into Europe, under the leadership of the German Waffen-SS. Outside of that, Whites have been entangled in continuous inter-tribal warfare over continental Europe, colonial territories and the high seas. Jewish money lending & intrigue has been behind most of these conflicts, since the 13th Century.

“Since the start of World War 1, there has been over 60 million deaths in Europe… No more brother wars!” – Anonymous blog commenter

Thus, White people have never been unified as a cohesive racial-group. However, foreign mass immigration and overt & repeated anti-White propaganda in the Jewish-controlled media is now fostering, a genuine (non-kosher) grassroots pro-White movement, and eventual populist movement that will fight for White survival and advocate for its collective interest. The awakening has begun!

At this present time, much racial animosity exists between the divergent tribes on this planet. On a spiritual heart-to-heart level (Above-Time), we do have a universal (Cosmic) commitment to come together… One love! However, on this (earthly) material plane of 3rd dimensional existence, racial differences & race-realism is a reality. Pluralistic, non-homogeneous societies create unnecessary conflict, especially as they are co-opted by Jewish economic interests that pit one tribe against the other.

Strength through unity, not diversity! To remedy this conundrum of racial strife, self-determination along homogeneous racial lines is crucial, along with the defeat of Jewish Supremacism. Then holistic creative-cooperation, trade, cultural exchange and friendship amongst the races, the human family, can be achieved and even flourish. This would create a new age of enlightenment; a 21st Century Renaissance!

This new reconfiguration would also include the right of free-association for those who prefer to live in mixed societies, provided that this “diversity” does not infringe upon the Natural Rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) of their ethnically-cohesive neighbors.

Integration of diverse racial populations has produced mixed results, most of which have been detrimental or heading towards disaster. The inevitable clash of cultures outweighs the short-term benefits of any cultural exchange that may occur. Integration, at this time, and historically speaking, ultimately creates a social-engineered crisis (problem) that sows the seeds for future race wars (reaction) & martial law (solution), benefiting a One World Government, with International Jewry at the helm.

History has been written by the victors. Many of us have had our share of victories & defeats throughout the ages. We have enslaved, and have been slaves. This is a karmic wheel!

Admittedly, Western Civilization has given Europeans the technological edge in combat that has allowed the colonial conquest of many foreign tribal nations. There is no doubt, however, that if these same foreign tribal nations had similar weaponry, they would have likely used them against the Europeans in the same spirit of discovery & colonial conquest.

Even worse, complete annihilation of the White minority could have resulted, since some of these foreign tribes have been known to fully liquidate their rivals in their territorial disputes.

It was never “right” for Whites to force Western Civilization upon foreign lands, which had their own natural habitat and cultures adapted to living in accordance with it. Unfortunately, the incessant fighting & rivalry amongst European nations caused a competition to “colonize” in order to acquire material resources to remain competitive in the heat of battle. Equally, it was never “right” for Christianity to impose its Judaic (Abrahamic) religion upon its colonial subjects. These are karmic lessons!

Be that as it may, the White race is now heeding the call of our European Folk Soul. We are in the process of a great transformation. We are rising like the Phoenix to take back what belongs to us; our European roots, culture, heritage and ancestral homelands. Our survival is not negotiable! We are battling to preserve Western Civilization. We will not wait till 2050 to be replaced.

“Force rules the world still. Has ruled it, shall rule it. Meekness is weakness. Strength is triumphant, over the whole earth. Still is it Thor’s Day!” -Longfellow

We will fight to the end… Might makes right! We would expect all other racial groups to rise up as well and fight in their own interests. However, we must work together to end the age-old cycle of violence.

Let’s put the bloody age of Conquest in the past. A return to racial warfare, at this special time of celestial cyclic renewal, will only hasten the demise of all tribal people who have forgotten their very ancient “Original Instructions” of living from the heart of humanity within the heart of nature.

Since we cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking (consciousness) that created them, mankind would benefit greatly by calling into council our indigenous tribal elders (grandmothers & grandfathers), our prophecy keepers & medicine people (shamans) from the 4 directions. They have a great stake in securing the safety & security of the next 7 generations to come. In addition, their indigenous folk practices, throughout the ages, have strived to maintain the balance between mankind and our Earth Mother. These wise ones, including some of our very own native European Pagan practitioners, carry wisdom & understanding that is in accordance with the Laws of Nature and reflects the racial folk soul identity of their represented tribes.

Western Civilization has lost its early Pagan foundation; the European Folk Soul is here to reclaim its birthright. This spiritual reclamation will bring about the next stage of Western Civilization; the Age of Free-Energy!

Our European Folk Soul has the spiritual maturity & potential to unlock the “suppressed” secrets of Free-Energy (Quantum Field) (Zero-Point Energy) that can service all of our planetary energy needs, and greatly assist efforts to daily feed ourselves. This can be done if humanity allows Western Civilization to prosper, despite some of the perceived wrongs that may have occurred in the past. If humanity does not, eventual racial warfare & conflicts over scarce resources will result, leading us all into destruction at the end of the Age.

Thus, mankind must urgently sit down at the World Court of Opinion and create space for open dialog, diplomacy, mediation and conflict resolution. Heated discussions will surely come from this meeting, but this is necessary to get all the unresolved issues aired out.

To be uncompromisingly forthright, European countries have no choice, but to restore their ancestral homogeneous White-ethnic composition; that much is non-negotiable. The transitional process to obtain that end is up for discussion.

However, the future fate of non-European countries, which Whites have established via conquest & exploration are in question, like the United States. They will most likely end up, either by force or by negotiation, balkanized into mostly homogeneous ethnic-territories (counties, cities, states, regions, etc.), with minority populations residing at much lower & manageable numbers. Expulsions will hopefully be voluntarily and encouraged by economic incentives.

If talks fail to materialize, unfortunately, the stakes may be all or nothing, with no restraint. Let’s work to avoid that!

In closing…

Today, in the World Court of Opinion, the voice of a National Socialist & Norse Germanic Pagan will attempt to lay the cards of our European Folk Soul on the table. The truth shall set us free!

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

Some of the finer talking points & history presented today at length may be debatable, even among other voices within in our own White racial pride movement. Regardless, the crimes that Jewish Supremacy has committed against White people are undeniable, and will be addressed at this time.

Please be patient… as literally hundreds of dots are connected, and the submerged tentacles of International Jewry are lifted for all to see. There will be a “preponderance of evidence” presented to back our case against Jewish Supremacy. This evidence is the tip of the iceberg; research it more yourself.

Hopefully, this Court of World Opinion will take everything presented into account with an open mind, an open heart, and will hold back judgment till our case is presented in its entirety.

Let the healing begin!

-The Noble Protagonist

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