Avoiding Traitors and Honey Traps

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The following article is taken from Addendum K of The Noble Protagonist’s 1,100 page E-book, “The Battle to preserve Western Civilization” (European Folk Soul vs. Jewish Supremacy). Free E-Book available at: http://www.battleforthewest.com/


In today’s epic battle to stop White Genocide, it’s important to avoid Pro-White honey traps, and to know who the suspected traitors & infiltrators are, and what organizations or movements they may lead. These suspect individuals, if not undercover cops, may very well serve as government FBI or ADL assets, informants (“rats”), agents, controlled opposition, limited hangouts, military ops, crisis actors, etc. 

Quite often, individuals who compromise themselves have been caught doing a terrible crime, and sell themselves in order to lessen their sentence, or even having their “charges” dropped.

Use discretion when determining who to trust; there are grey areas to be taken into consideration and possibly some exceptions to the rule. Keep in mind that some of these “leaders” might not be traitors & infiltrators. They could be naive, gullible, brand new to the scene, etc., while others might simply be misguided, misdirected, uninformed, embittered, or deficient in certain areas of leadership, decorum or strategy. Either way they are potentially dangerous to the cause of pro-White advocacy. Watch your back!

Warning: A $10 million program, called “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) has been launched to target pro-White spokespeople & leaders. This is a Jewish-planned offensive that will utilize traitors & honey traps to destroy pro-White advocacy.

Here are a clues, warning signs, red flags…

-They are the media’s favorite go-to people to speak on issues pertaining to “White Nationalism”.  [“leaders” of Unite the Right/ Charlottesville 2017]

-They play the character role of “Neo-Nazis”, “Skinheads”, “White Nationalists” and “KKK” members in front of the media for shock value. They fit the stereotype & degenerate “hateful” caricature that Hollywood and the media, like VICE TV, needs to demonize pro-White advocacy. These “actors”, these straw men, allow (volunteer) the media (fake news) to produce “hit-piece” cover stories & memes for the print media, social networks and television. Their political rallies & demonstrations turn into media spectacles, a circus side-show.  [Unite the Right/ Charlottesville 2017]

-They have “no problems with the Jews”.

-They don’t “call out the Jews”.

-They do call out “the Jews” but are provocative in their tactics and their interior motives are not congruent with pro-White activism.

-They trash or minimize Adolf Hitler’s legacy. They support the disproven theory, promoted by people like Alex Jones, Jim Condit Jr., Jim Mars, Eustace Mullins, James Corbett, etc., that Hitler was a Rothschild agent. These people are gatekeepers. They speak half-truths. They might call out “the Jews”, but their role is to spread dis-info on Hitler & National Socialist Germany.

-They don’t call out “White Genocide”.

-They call themselves National Socialists and are a part of “National Socialists” parties, but show many signs (red flags) of being controlled opposition.  These leaders and their “parties” are in place to discredit National Socialism in the eyes of the masses. This is a betrayal of the worse kind; very dishonorable.  [Unite the Right/ Charlottesville 2017]

-They don’t call out suspected traitors & infiltrators who are misleading the pro-White movement.

-They have Jewish ancestry or are married to Jews.

-They accept Jews & gays into pro-White & anti-White Genocide discussion groups, activities and debates.

-They defend Zionism & Israel as an “ethno-state”.

-They are closet-Cultural Marxists/Social Justice Warriors.

-They discourage White unity and attempts to unite European ethnic nationalities as a cohesive whole to combat International Jewry.

-They regularly engage in “cheap” live-streamed debates (blood sports), which often turn into shouting matches, foul language and unprofessional behavior.

-They use derogatory “trash talk” when speaking about other races & cultures. They praise terrorist attacks, staged or false flags on innocent non-Whites, like Dylann Roof’s Charleston church shooting.

-They cause infighting & division within pro-White groups without reasonable cause & justification. They are disruptive, unhinged, call everyone but themselves “shills” & “agents”, and are not able to hold civil conversations. They muddy the waters with unproductive dialog that seems to go nowhere, and leads to confusion.

-They distastefully mock & spam the enemy beyond what its necessary, to the point of provocation. Mocking & “trolling” are useful propaganda tools when creatively & strategically applied, and done in good humor.

-They misrepresent (label) themselves as “Nazis” or “Neo-Nazis” instead of calling themselves National Socialists. “Nazi” is a Jewish-created epithet, created in the 1920’s to discredit the NSDAP and National Socialism.

-They haphazardly (willy-nilly) wear the Swastika or other German National Socialist paraphernalia on their clothing, or represent these images on flags or other items for public display. For those that take National Socialism seriously, this is not acceptable, these symbols should be used strategically on occasions that truly merit their adornment. To some, these symbols are sacred and not to be played with.

-They expose Jewish crimes, but advocate against promoting White-identity interests.

-They loosely promote National Socialist doctrines without having studied the essential core books & writings on the subject matter.

-They possess little knowledge of their European “folkish” roots, culture and history, yet claim there are fighting for European heritage & tradition.

-They fail to acknowledge the Holohoax or the Holodomor. They may even attempt to advocate the “limited gassing” theory of the Holocaust”, now promoted by Mark Weber (IHR) & David Irving, despite having hard (forensic) evidence to back their claims.

-They blame the Muslims for invading Europe, and not International Jewry, who has let the Muslims in.

-They are Freemasons, or have former ties with freemasonry.

-They blame the Jesuits, instead of International Jewry, as being the head of the New World Order.

-They avoid protesting in front of AIPAC, or other key Jewish advocacy groups & institutions. Instead, they hold political rallies in cities that are “leftist” with Democratic mayors, and are eager to confront Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other “anti-racist” mobs that are funded by Jews, like George Soros.  The resulting violence, resulting from the lack of police protection, discourages and scares away potential pro-White advocates from stepping into the public square at a later date.  [Unite the Right/ Charlottesville 2017]

-They work for websites or agencies that are owned, financed or operated by Jews, or Jewish subsidiaries, like Breitbart, Rebel Media and InfoWars.

-They call themselves “Alt-Right”, a term coined by the Jew, Paul Gottfried.

-They promote the Left-Right paradigm by backing political candidates, like Donald Trump, who are pro-Zionist and linked to the Council on National Policy and the John Birch Society. Q is a Jewish psyop!

-They are “Nazbols” (National Bolsheviks) and make references that their movement is “analogous with the Bolsheviks”.

-They “swirl” & miscegenate (interbreed) with non-Whites.

-They promote the meme “White Sharia”, which is an insult to our White Woman, or cater to the MGTOW movement.

-They have a “siege” mentality!  They are quick to openly advocate the use of violence and come up with wild schemes to employ the use of violence, which may result in acts of domestic terrorism.

Note: The real fight is winning the hearts & minds of White people; violence should only be employed as a last resort, as a means of self-defense. 

-They are pessimistic & defeatist in nature; whereas, many of the great historical leaders of the past “optimistically” fought against insurmountable odds, and were victorious & noble, even if they lost the battle.

-They organize European folk rituals & ceremonies in conjunction with public demonstrations where protestors and the media will be nearby. Folk rituals & ceremonies are sacred, and should not be held as publicity stunts. [Tiki-torch march][Unite the Right/ Charlottesville 2017]

-They accept the “White Privilege” label, instead of countering with facts that address the agenda of White Genocide.

-They appear to be Pro-White, but in reality, they are organizing on a non-racial basis to defeat “the Jew”.

-They have a background of sociopathic, “hateful” and degenerate behavior, characterized by a past history of depression, anger, victimhood, incarceration, uncontrolled rage, drug abuse, domestic violence, etc. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

-They promote the Khazarian Jews theory, which is ultimately being used to misclassify Ashkenazi Jews as White Europeans, rather than a genetically distinct & separate Semetic sub-race that is non-White.

-They have visited Israel, or have friends in Israeli high-tech or military intelligence.

-They follow or promote Alexander Dugin. [Unite the Right/ Charlottesville 2017]

-They do not call out 9/11 as Jewish-Mossad staged-operation. They do not call out the 2017 Unite the Right rally at Charlottesville as being a suspected “staged event”, which ties into plans by Alexander Dugin to bring down the West via social & racial conflicts.

-They are running for political office, they “call out the Jew”, but are overly provocative & untactful in their actions, and they praise the leaders of the 2017 Unite the Right rally.

Warning: In reference to “calling out the Jew”, the tide may be turning; whereas the Greater Israel (Yinon) Plan may need to foster overly “provocative” anti-Semitism in Western counties, via anti-Jewish populist politicians and false flags or staged events, in order to bring in “hate laws” (if not already existing) and scare middle class & highly-skilled Jews to emigrate to Israel. It even seems that disclosure regarding Israel’s Operation Talpiot program & Unit 8200 are being allowed to get past YouTube’s censorship algorithms in an attempt to further hyper-normalize the “goy” (Gentiles).  

-They have popular “active” YouTube channels with tens of thousands of subscribers; meanwhile, small Pro-White channels in the past with 1000 or less subscribers, who “call out the Jew”, “call out White Genocide” and racially advocate for White interests, are quickly restricted, and soon permanently shut down. In addition, their PayPal & Patreon-type accounts are de-activated.

-They promote Civic Nationalism.

-They often refer to themselves as “goyim” or “goy” (sheep). This is akin to the Blacks calling themselves the “N” word.

-They associate with other people who fall into the category of “cringe”. The people who a person associates with tells a lot about that individual’s character.


  • Tommy

    While I accept many of these points I nevertheless take exception to some of them for good reasons I really can’t be bothered entering into here and now. In other words, no. This post is not the gospel truth nor the final words on the matter.

  • Zipfreer

    This article all of the people named here are disinformation agents or gatekeeping for a certain organization or
    order, I am just posting this up because it is highly suspect and possible that many of the people named on this list are gatekeeping Yes with their information. In this age of information and awareness, the elite
    are sending out more and more goons to misdirect and mislead the public
    from the real truth (All Roads Lead To Rome) NOT JEWS of who is at the head of
    this ‘monolithic conspiracy’.This article is reverse psychology PSYOP It can be left up to the reader to decide
    for themselves who is being honest with their NWO related research and who is holding us back with misinformation & misdirection her? Papal Masonic Media Agents Whistleblowers (Note: that there are plenty of disinfo/dissuasion agents among these as well!)

    The Unhived Mind forum: Agents of Deception
    Alternative media reporters Detection characteristics:
    No significant (or truthful) information about the Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic connections to history.
    Many of them do promote the “evil-Zionists-are-the-real-enemy” hegelian deception in more or less subtle ways. Note their frequent use of the words “Zionism” (an obfuscation for masonic Judaism), “The Rothschild’s” (who are Knights of Malta controlled by the Jesuits/ Vatican!), “The Illuminati”, “The Elite”, and “The
    Bankers” (the top-bankers are also Knights of Malta). Some of the less sophisticated disinfo agents simply keep repeating: “Its the Jews! The Jew blame game when there all Hofjuden court Jews /Jesuit Trained, Hi-Level Freemasons these are cogs shills repeating pushing Dreyfus affair propaganda Zionism is a creation of Jesuits as to push in their agendas something these shills Forget to talk about!

    Its the dirty Jews!”. None of them will explain and elaborate on the Jesuits Roman (Catholic) pogroms and later genocides. These Jesuit-Masonic temporal coadjutors are the deception/distortion/distraction speakers with a hidden agenda. They are helpers of fascistic mafia networks, to ultimately be able to control the flow of information on all sides. Jesuit-Masonic coadjutors are puppets who may tell lots of truth to build a confidence level (“rapport“) among the audience You should put yourself on this list! As you are also disinformation agent & gatekeeping

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